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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal


The Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal (NSEP) was launched in May 2009 and is aimed at providing education and outreach to those with an interest in enhancing security of nuclear materials and facilities.  Initial funding for NSEP was provided by the Office of Nonproliferation and International Security (NA-24) of the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Additional courses have been developed under the sponsorship of the NNSA and the US Department of State's Partnership for Nuclear Security. Due to the increasing number of security-related courses being added to the portal, the name was changed in 2015 to the Nuclear Security & Safeguards Education Portal (NSSEP). NSSEP is maintained by the Nuclear Security Science & Policy Institute (NSSPI) at Texas A&M University and was developed through the work of NSSPI and Texas A&M Department of Nuclear Engineering faculty, staff, and students.

NSSEP User Data 

From October 1, 2011 to May 2, 2017, over 84,000 unique users accessed NSSEP.  In this period, the courses have seen traffic as follows:

Course Title Num of Pageviews Date Released
Basic Radiation Detection 80,758 1-Jun-2009
Basic Nuclear and Atomic Physics 53,253 1-Jun-2009
Introduction to Statistics 80,810 1-Jun-2009
The Nuclear Fuel Cycle 47,650 1-Jun-2009
Physical Protection Systems 46,979 1-Jan-2012
Threats to Nuclear Security 15,958 1-Jan-2012
Nuclear Materials Accountancy 14,463 1-Oct-2011
Containment and Surveillance 8,767 1-Oct-2011
Insider Threats 6,206 30-Jun-2015
Nuclear Security Culture 7,889 30-Jun-2015
Spent Nuclear Fuel Safeguards 7,761 15-Aug-2016

The majority of NSSEP users are in the United States, but the following chart also shows the top 5 non-US countries for NSSEP users over this period:

Location Num of NSSEP Sessions
USA 46,416
India 9,293
United Kingdom 5,105
Philippines 2,801
Canada 2,520
Nigeria 2,297


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