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C/S Equipment

UF6 transportation container with tag displayed.  (Source:
UF6 transportation container with tag displayed. (Source: 

The C/S measures used by the IAEA are carefully designed and implemented to avoid imposing unnecessary physical restrictions on facility operations, movements or access to materials. Nevertheless, these measures must provide the IAEA with credible information on whether unreported movement or access might have occurred or whether the integrity of data might have been impaired. The most desirable combination of C/S measures is that which permits the safeguards objectives to be achieved at acceptable costs and with minimum intrusion.

Four common pieces of equipment used in C/S are:

  1. TagsPhoto available on Mouseover: unique identifier for an item (i.e., serial number)
  2. SealsPhoto available on Mouseover: a tamper indicating device (TID) used to join movable segments of a containment in a manner such that access to its contents without opening the seal or breaking of containment is difficult
  3. Optical surveillancePhoto available on Mouseover: video surveillance equipment, or more often timed or trigger-dependent image capture devices
  4. Radiation detectorsPhoto available on Mouseover: gamma/neutron detectors that monitor radiation emitted from items or solutions, but not necessarily the amount of material present


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