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Insider Threats

Course Difficulty: Moderate course that requires technical knowledge and has at least one prerequisite course.

Course Category: Nuclear Security

Screenshot from this course.
Screenshot from this course.

Administrative Details

Module Description: This module describes the insider threats facing an organization and analyzes the complex nature of insider threats. It also describes how organizations and individuals can secure themselves against this threat and prepare to respond if an attack occurs.

Prerequisites: Students taking this course should have first completed the Physical Security Systems Module to understand the basics of multi-path analysis and the Adversary Sequence Diagram as it relates to outsiders attempting to gain access to materials in a facility.

Learning Objectives: By the end of this module students will have an understanding of who an insider is and the types of threats they pose to an organization. Students will also have basic knowledge regarding what motivates an insider to commit an attack and how to combat such attacks. Prominent historic cases of insider attacks will assist the student in visualizing these attacks in practice.

Outline: This module consists of the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Categories of Insiders
  4. Motivations
  5. Risk Analysis for Insider Threats
  6. Preventing and Protecting against Insider Attacks
  7. Conclusion

Each section contains reading material, videos, and reference materials. The reading material includes a brief discussion of the subject matter, and the videos explore the subject in further detail. The student should complete the reading material and then watch the videos if they wish to have additional information and a more in-depth explanation of the subject matter.

For the best viewing experience on a computer, videos in this module can be streamed full screen on YouTube by pressing the "Full Screen" icon to the bottom right of embedded YouTube videos.  All YouTube videos have English subtitles available (CC button).

A special thanks to Cheryl Landry for her help in producing this module. 

See a list of terminology for this module. 


IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 8, Preventive and Protective Measures against Insider Threats. IAEA: Vienna, 2008.

Mohammed Hawila, Sunil Chirayath, and William Charlton, "Nuclear Security Risk Evaluation Using Adversary Pathway Analysis Methodology for an Insider-Outsider Collusion Scenario," 56th annual INMM meeting, Indian Wells, California. July 12-18, 2015.

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The development for this course was sponsored by the US Department of State's Partnership for Nuclear Security.



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