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Risk Analysis for Insider Threats

To demonstrate the impact an insider can have on the effectiveness of a Physical Security System (PPS) at a nuclear facility, we will complete a risk analysis activity.

A firm understanding of pathways analysis and scenario development is crucial to completing this section of the course.

At this point, if you have not completed the NSSEP module on Physical Protection Systems, or if you need a refresher on this material, it is suggested that you go back and either complete the course or, if you completed the course in the past, review the following sections:

Pathways Analysis

Multi-Path Analysis

Scenario Development


The steps to scenario analysis for a PPS include:

  1. Construct an Adversary Sequence Diagram (ASD) for the facility
  2. Determine the Most Vulnerable Path (MVP) for direct adversary attack
  3. Build the timeline for adversary tasks
  4. Add details for tasks, defeat methods, and equipment
  5. Add the timeline for the response force
  6. For scenarios that consider collusion and indirect attacks
    • Identify protection measures
    • Define insider defeat strategies
    • Determine protection measure effectiveness
  7. Evaluate the PPS based on the scenario

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