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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal

Improving Nuclear Security Culture

Self-assessment is crucial to identifying areas that could be improved within the organization and their root causes.  It is, however, only one part of a whole list of best practices for continuously improving nuclear security culture.  These best practices are focused on preventing complacency and managing the human factor in the organization.  Culture evolves slowly and resists change, but through persistent effort, continual education, communication, and periodic monitoring, nuclear security culture can be gradually improved. 

Best practices for continuously improving nuclear security culture:

  • Conduct a review of your current security culture;
  • Promote the importance of security awareness among the workforce;
  • Make an ongoing commitment to security culture;
  • Create a documented Security Management System and procedures appropriate to the level of risk that improve nuclear security;
  • Commit to being a learning organization; and
  • Conduct regular reviews and assessments of performance.

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