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The response force are the security personnel that act in response to the detection of illegal entry into the facility and prevent the adversary from completing their task. The response force can include on-site guards or off-site agencies such as law enforcement and military personnel. The response force's responsibility is to neutralize the adversary, which can be accomplished by forcing the adversary to flee, capturing the adversary, or incapacitating the adversary. Successful neutralization must be defined in the objectives of the design process and will depend on the target. For theft targets, neutralization could be to stop the adversary before he or she gets off-site or to deny access to the asset. In the latter case, if the adversary reaches the asset but is stopped before being able to get off-site, it is still considered a failure of the PPS.

The response force can also serve a number of other functions. They can detect illicit entry attempts and provide immediate assessment. They can man access control points and be trained to detect suspicious behavior in employees. They can also delay adversaries through engagement until more responders can arrive, the amount of which can be significant if they are in hardened positions.

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