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Safeguards Approaches

The IAEA has about 239 power reactors under safeguards (which all have onsite storage of spent fuel), in addition to around 80 separate spent fuel storage facilities.  To implement these safeguards for spent nuclear fuel, a combination of nuclear material accountancy with complementary containment and surveillance (C/S) is used.  Inspections using the equipment described at the end of the course are done to verify accountancy and establish or re-establish continuity of knowledge of the accounted materials.

This section reviews safeguards approaches for spent nuclear fuel and gives specific examples for safeguards at an Independent Spent Fuel Dry Storage Installation (ISFSI) (Ref. 7).  Spent fuel is delivered to and stored in dry casks at ISFSIs.  Spent fuel may also be transferred from a transportation cask to a dry storage spent fuel vault at the ISFSI.

Students should review the Nuclear Material Accountancy (NMA) course and the module on Containment and Surveillance prior to proceeding.  

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