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Category:  Nuclear Safeguards

Students completing this module should be able to explain the need and intent of containment and surveillance; define containment and surveillance; identify equipment commonly used in containment and surveillance; and explain how containment and surveillance can be used at a facility to supplement material accountancy.

Prerequisites: Students taking this module should have a basic understanding of nuclear nonproliferation and applied nuclear material safeguards.

Easy Course, no prior knowledge required.Easy introductory course that requires no prior knowledge

Category:  Nuclear Safeguards

After completing this module, students should be able to describe the parties involved in nuclear material accountancy, determine how to setup an accountancy system for a facility, calculate any material unaccounted for and the corresponding uncertainty, name common measurement techniques and in what applications they should be used, and know the main difficulties of nuclear material accountancy.

Prerequisites: Students taking this module should have completed the Basic Radiation Detection and Introduction to Statistics courses.

Basic Course, some prior knowledge requiredIntermediate course that requires some prior knowledge or at least one prerequisite course

Category:  Nuclear Safeguards

By the end of this module students will have an understanding of the systems used to safeguard spent nuclear fuel. They will be able to describe the techniques, tools, and goals of spent nuclear fuel safeguards.

Prerequisites: Students taking this course should have first completed the Basic Nuclear and Atomic Physics, The Nuclear Fuel Cycle, the Containment and Surveillance, and the Nuclear Material Accountancy modules.

Moderate course that requires technical knowledge and has at least one prerequisite course.Moderate course that requires technical knowledge and has prerequisite courses.