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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal

As you go through the courses,

Closed -captioning

Be sure to page through the course using the "Next Page" links at the bottom of each page, as each section shown on the left-hand navigation bar may have more than one page.

You will notice highlighted text. This indicates a term that is linked to a Wikipedia entry or to terms in one of our NSSEP Reference Modules. All of the  definitions will appear in a single tab or window (depending upon your browser), separate from the actual course. After you have clicked on more than one Wiki entry, the new window may not come to the front, since it is refreshing into the same browser window or tab.

Highlighted text with a photo icon Photo available on Mouseover indicates that rolling over the text with your mouse will change the main image to a new image Photo available on Mouseover.

For some of the closed captioned videos that show on YouTube, it may be necessary to turn the captions on by clicking on the closed caption button on the video control bar (See the arrow on the image to the right). 

Registering for NSSEP

Each course has a series of assessments to complete.  To take the assessments, you must be registered and logged in to the NSSEP site.  Registration is free.  Simply click on the "Register" link in the top right-hand corner.  You will be asked to create a login and password that are linked to your email address.  Once you register, you will need to verify your email address by clicking on a link found in an email you will automatically receive from the system.  You will not be able to log in until your email address is verified.

All of your assessment attempts are recorded on your transcript.  You can access the transcript on the login/register/account tab in the upper right-hand corner. After you successfully complete all of the required assessments for a course, you can print a certificate from the transcript.  

The following video shows how to navigate through the course, as well as how to register, login, view your transcript, etc.

Video Introduction to NSSEP

Larger Format See Script