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Paul  Nelson

Paul Nelson

Associate Director
Professor Emeritus, Departments of Nuclear Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics

Phone:  979.845.4132
Office:  AIEN M313B
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Dr. Nelson serves NSSPI as the Associate Director for International Programs and directs NSSPI international research and education programs. He has unparalleled contacts in Russia and India and has worked on developing collaborations with India in support of the U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement of 2005. Dr. Nelson holds joint appointments as a professor in the Departments of Computer Science, Nuclear Engineering, and Mathematics. He has served on the faculty at Texas A&M University since 1987. From 1972-1987, he was a Professor of Mathematics at Texas Tech University. Prior to this he served as a research fellow at the University of New Mexico and a visiting lecturer at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He was Director of the Institute for Numerical Transport Theory at Texas Tech University from 1977-1987, Coordinator of Mathematical Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory from 1962-1972, and Supervisor of the Applications Programming Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory from 1966-1967. He is a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society and a TEES Fellow. He served on the National Academy of Sciences Exchange Program for Poland in 1983 and the National Science Foundation U.S.-India Exchange of Scientists Program in 1981. Dr. Nelson's research interests are in the areas of nuclear materials management, transport theory and computational methods. Dr. Nelson earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of New Mexico in 1969.


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