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Russian Student Interns from Tomsk Polytechnic

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December 2011

This fall, NSSPI hosted two student interns, Vladimir Marchenko and Alexey Nikienko, from the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) of Russia through a project coordinated by NSSPI staff members Claudio Gariazzo and Dr. Alexander Solodov. The objective of their tenure at TAMU was to fulfill a practical work experience requirement as part of their respective engineering degree plans and to enhance their proficiency of the English language. Both students are enrolled in the TPU nuclear material protection, control and accounting engineering degree program. Working under the supervision of Dr. Sunil Chirayath of NSSPI, Marchenko focused on proliferation resistance analysis as applied to nuclear fuel cycles using the PRAETOR (Proliferation Resistance Analysis and Evaluation Tool for Observed Risk) code developed by Dr. Chirayath, which is based on multi-attrib...  Read More

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