Google+ Dr. Kamal Araj (Jordan AEC) Visits NSSPI: Feb 2011 | Educating the Next Generation of Leaders in Nuclear Security Sciences
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Dr. Kamal Araj (Jordan AEC) Visits NSSPI: Feb 2011

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February 2011

 Dr Kamal Araj, Vice Chairman, Commissioner for International Cooperation in the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) visited NSSPI and NPI to discuss activities in the area of education and training.   As in the case of most nuclear power newcomer countries, human resources development is a critical issue for Jordan.  Hence they are taking the steps to prepare qualified national personal (technicians and engineers).  To that end they are selecting centers of excellence in education and training and seeking their collaboration.  While at TAMU, Dr. Araj also visited the Accelerator laboratory, the Nuclear Science Center, the Laser Diagnostics Multiphase Flow laboratory, and the Fuel cycle and Materials laboratory.    ...  Read More

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