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AggiE-Challenge Project Showcase

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April 2013

The AggiE-Challenge team, led by faculty advisor, NSSPI faculty member Dr. Sunil Chirayath, and graduate student advisor Evans Kitcher, was one of over 100 teams to participate in the 2013 TAMU Engineering Project Showcase on April 19.  The team consists of eleven junior and senior level undergraduate students from the departments of Nuclear Engineering and Industrial and Systems Engineering.  The project, titled "Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Effectively Interdict Highly Enriched Uranium Smuggling," addresses one of the grand challenges articulated by the National Academy of Engineering, namely, "Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism."  Only a few tens of kilograms of highly enriched uranium (HEU) are required to build a nuclear bomb but more than one million kilograms of HEU exists in the world. A concern is that HEU could be stolen and smuggled into the U.S...  Read More

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