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September 2013

NSSPI hosted a group of students and faculty from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TI Tech) from September 11-13 for an academic exchange with NSSPI students and faculty.  Students from both institutions presented their research and participated in social activities together.  Faculty also discussed future collaboration between Texas A&M and TI Tech.   While at Texas A&M, the TI Tech delegation visited the Nuclear Science Center and Disaster City, where they participated in an emergency response exercise led by NSSPI faculty member Dr. Craig Marianno. In this exercise, a 30 mille-curie size Cs-137 source was place on Rubble Pile 1 (RP1), a pile of concrete and rebar containing a series of interior tunnels that is part of the Disaster City training compound.   Using health physics instrumentation the students had to map out the radi...  Read More

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