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Visitors from STP: Feb 2011

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February 2011

On February 25, 2011, NSSPI welcomed visitors from South Texas Project to discuss two ongoing projects involving collaboration with the STP nuclear Operating Co., Units 1 & 2: the LOOP Project, which is a probabilistic assessment of the risk of station blackout occurring from Loss of Offsite Power, and the Fire PRA project, which involves preparation by a student-led team of a proposal for participation in a Probabilistic Risk Assessment of the potential causes and consequences of a fire at STP Units 1 & 2. From left to right the participants and their organizational affiliations are: Ernest J. Kee, Shawn Rodgers and Coral Betancourt, all of the Risk & Reliability Department at STP Units 1 & 2.  (Ms. Betancourt is a 2008 TAMU graduate in nuclear engineering.); Paul Nelson and Paul Rodi, of NSSPI/NUEN; Chase Gilmore, junior NUEN major; Praveen Sevug...  Read More

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