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Preparing the Next Generation

NSSPI was the first academic organization in the U.S. to address a growing need for graduate-level technical education focused on nuclear safeguards and nuclear nonproliferation.  This problem has long been identified in the nuclear community as one of the critical challenges facing the world today.  In response, NSSPI faculty and staff have developed one of the most robust technical nonproliferation and safeguards education programs in the U.S.

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The State of the Art in Nuclear Security Education

NSSPI is changing the model for educating safeguards and security experts through the programs it has implemented at Texas A&M. These programs include:

Our successful academic programs are enhanced by a heavy practical component, which includes hands-on laboratory experience through short courses at national laboratoriesvisiting nuclear installations in other countries to discuss applied safeguards, summer internships at various national laboratories, and tabletop exercises involving both the political and technical aspects of global nuclear security. NSSPI is also embracing new instructional technologies like virtual classrooms and distance education.

NSSPI students also have the opportunity to travel around the world to give lectures, attend conferences and workshops, interact with international peers, and visit nuclear facilities.

Educational Support Beyond Texas A&M

While traditional academic programs are the backbone of NSSPI's educational efforts, we also pursue educational projects designed to reach non-traditional students outside of Texas A&M, including:

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