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Every semester, NSSPI, along with staff at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), provides the opportunity for students to complete a week-long practical course at ORNL's Safeguards Laboratory (SL). The course alternates between hosting undergraduate and graduate nuclear engineering students each semester. This activity helps the students understand and appreciate basic material control and accounting technologies focused specifically on detecting and measuring special nuclear material using NDA techniques. The week-long class was first developed by TAMU and ORNL-SL staff in the Spring 2007 semester. It borrowed heavily from the vast experience ORNL-SL staff had obtained in providing training courses on NDA techniques to professionals from various international institutions. Working closely with the ORNL staff, NSSPI has coordinated the graduate version of the course to focus around topics the students learn as part of the Detection and Measurement of Special Nuclear Material course.

The time spent at the SL for students complements the theoretical education of the students. Understandably, other universities have followed the example set forth by TAMU in this venue, and the ORNL staff has expressed the great successes of collaborating with universities within their region and beyond. Further, in recent courses, students from the TAMU Bush School of Government and Public Service studying nonproliferation and international security and other foreign relations areas have also been hosted in the SL course at ORNL. This has provided policy students the opportunities to better understand the limitations and applications of various technologies as applied to safeguards and nuclear security and fosters enhanced communication between the future technical and policy experts. This integration of policy and technical students has been very fruitful for the students attending this course. 

 In Fall of 2012, the course included participants from Penn State and MIT, allowing TAMU students to interact with other future nonproliferation professionals from other institutions. 

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