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W. Bangerth, M. Adams, N. Amato, S. Chirayath, J-L Guermond, G. Kanschat, P. Kuchment, J. Morel, J. Ragusa, and L. Rauchwerger, "Forward and inverse simulation capabilities for detection and imaging," Poster presented at the Academic Research Initiative Grantees Conference, Washington, D.C., April 6-9, 2009.


Ideally, detection of illicit radioactive materials at border crossings would be based on imaging of containers, cars, and people. Whether passive or active imaging is possible at all depends on the amount of information available from radiation detectors as well as the relationship between signal levels coming from the potential source to those from the background. We describe our efforts in realistic modeling of radiation levels as well as approaches of passive imaging of containers.

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  • SHIELD (Smuggled HEU Interdiction through Enhanced anaLysis and Detection): A Framework for Developing Novel Detection Systems Focused on Interdicting Shielded HEU

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