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S.L. Stewart, N. Quintero, J. Erchinger, M. Shah, S. Gerlt, R. Zedric, R. Elmore, T.C. Pope, and R. Coogan, "The Top Ten Things You Need to Know about Non-Destructive Assay," 55th Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, Atlanta, Georgia, 20-14 July 2014.


Material Control and Accountability (MC&A) plays an important role in the defense-in-depth of a nuclear facility by providing positive assurance of the presence of special nuclear material. However, nondestructive assay (NDA) techniques used as part of an MC&A regime tend to be esoteric and unfamiliar to most people. NNSA partnered with the DOE National Training Center and the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management MC&A Technical Division to produce a short video that conveys key NDA concepts and their role in a defense in depth security system to a broader range of people from policy makers to the protective force. INMM student chapters at the University of Tennessee and Texas A&M led the development of this video with support and cooperation from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. If successful, this video will be the first in a series of videos aimed at communicating the role of safeguards and security functions in the context of the larger security mission.

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