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Radiation Detection Using Integrated Circuits

Our work investigates a new technique in employing integrated circuits (ICs) as a new type of radiation detection media. As IC technology has advanced circuits on these chips are becoming increasingly sensitive to radiation damage and therefore fail to function properly. Researchers at Texas A&M University have been able to convert this disadvantage into an advantage by developing an IC, which has both sensitive (RSA) and hardened (RHA) radiation sectors. When a charged particle deposits its energy in the RSA, the interaction is registered by the hardened "watch-dog" sector, which then returns the RSA to a normal functioning status within a few nanoseconds.

Our work explores the applicability of this IC to perform various types of radiation detection. With this IC being sensitive to charge particle interactions, radiation transport simulation will determine how effective this technology can be in a new type of alpha/beta survey probe. The ICs will also be studied to see if they may make a suitable photo-multiplier tube (PMT) replacement. Lastly, using this IC technology a new type of neutron detector may be constructed using 10B coated ICs.

Using these ICs will have advantages over existing radiation detection technologies. The survey probe, that will utilize an attenuator material, will be the only probe in the world that can perform in-the-field beta energy discrimination. Use of ICs for replacing a PMT will result in better energy resolution for gamma spectroscopy and in the case of neutron detection it will result in reduced costs, lower power requirements and a reduced footprint. As this technology is perfected, detector devices may be constructed that are as thin as a sheet of cardboard and will operate for days on off-the-shelf batteries.


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