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The PRAETOR (Proliferation Resistance Analysis and Evaluation Tool for Observed Risk) code is software developed to assess and evaluate the relative proliferation resistance of nuclear energy systems. The definition and features of proliferation resistance (PR) assumed in developing the code are the following. PR is defined as that characteristic of a nuclear energy system that impedes (a) the diversion or undeclared production of nuclear material or (b) misuse of technology by States in order to acquire nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices. Two important measures of PR are the intrinsic features of the special nuclear material and the extrinsic barriers at the nuclear installation. Intrinsic features result from technical design of nuclear energy systems and the extrinsic measures are those that result from the implementation of a States' undertakings related to nuclear nonproliferation. PRAETOR code is developed using FORTRAN 90 programming language based on the well established Multi Attribute Utility Analysis (MAUA) methodology. In general, the MAUA consists of several methods of compiling multiple factors into a single metric to facilitate easy decision making and has the ability to incorporate complex and inter-related components in a decision. For instance, each factor in the PR analysis has impacts on risks, resources, timelines, and/or levels of effort associated with the acquisition of a significant quantity (SQ) of special nuclear material (SNM).

PRAETOR is currently available to interested parties via email request to:


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